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This is so far incomplete

If it's worth doing right, it's worth not using Microsoft.

(circa 1995)

Theres four kinds of lies -
  Damned Lies
    and party political broadcasts.

(circa 1992)

When people were talking all about the "Blair Witch Project",
I had thought they were talking about the Prime Minister's wife.

(circa 1999)

To make your computer truely secure, follow these simple steps:
  1. Get a decent firewall
  2. Configure it to deny everything except the ports you really need.
  3. Unplug any conputer with really sensitive data from the network
  4. In fact, unplug it from the wall power socket
  5. Heck with it, it's still vulnerable from someone at the console - encase it in concrete
  6. Cover the concrete block with copper sheeting to prevent against Echelon
  7. Cover it with lead plate just to be safe from X-Rays.
  8. Put it on a back of a trailer and tow it into a deep mine shaft. Salt mines go pretty deep.
  9. More concrete please!
  10. Use a tactical device to ensure that access to the bottom of the mine is difficult.
Should be truely secure... But for the overtly paranoid, concider dropping the planet into your local black hole. Please note that there may be information leakage as any entropy is represented on the black hole's event horizon.

Not practical... But fun.

(circa Aug 2003)

Recipe for a Big Bang: Mix in equal portions Politics, Religion and Science.

(circa Oct 2003)

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