This reference is a detailed technical guide and reference for application programmers. It gives reference information and code examples to enable you to write source code using Graphical Programming Interface functions.

Before you begin to use this information, it would be helpful to understand how you can:

How to Use the Contents

When the Contents window first appears, some topics have a plus (+) sign beside them. The plus sign indicates that additional topics are available.

To expand the Contents if you are using a mouse, click on the plus sign. If you are using the keyboard, use the Up or Down Arrow key to highlight the topic, and press the plus (+) key. For example, Code Pages has a plus sign beside it. To see additional topics for that heading, click on the plus sign or highlight that topic and press the plus (+) key.

To view a topic, double-click on the topic (or press the Up or Down Arrow key to highlight the topic, and then press the Enter key).

How to Obtain Additional Information

After you select a topic, the information for that topic appears in a window. Highlighted words or phrases indicate that additional information is available. You will notice that certain words and phrases are highlighted in green letters, or in white letters on a black background. These are called hypertext terms. If you are using a mouse, double-click on the highlighted word. If you are using a keyboard, press the Tab key to move to the highlighted word, and then press the Enter key. Additional information then appears in a window.

How to Use Action Bar Choices

Several choices are available for managing information presented in the Graphics Programming Interface Programming Reference. There are three pull-down menus on the action bar: the Services menu, the Options menu, and the Help menu.

The actions that are selectable from the Services menu operate on the active window currently displayed on the screen. These actions include the following: