This reference is for application programmers interested in creating OS/2 multimedia applications. It is also for subsystem developers who are interested in writing and installing subsystems to support specific data or devices. The IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Warp includes the bindings, header files, and libraries for development of OS/2 multimedia applications. OS/2 multimedia was referred to as Multimedia Presentation Manager/2 or MMPM/2 in previous releases.

Software Motion Video

The interface definitions for the digital video recording device are also provided in this reference. The digital video device uses software-only compression algorithms (software motion video) to enable playing or recording video without any additional video compression or decompression hardware.

Header Files

OS/2 multimedia includes header files with naming conventions compatible with the standard OS/2 format. Applications using previous versions of the MMPM/2 header files will still use those header files by default when the applications are compiled. In order to use the OS/2-consistent header files in an application, define INCL_OS2MM in the program before including the OS/2 multimedia system header file OS2ME.H. Defining INCL_OS2MM automatically defines the following: