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Welcome to my micro-corner of the internet...
I hope you find it an educational experience.

About this site - it's a totally experimental site, which I intend to and quite contented to simply play
and mess about with. I may also express my own personal opinions - which if you can't handle it, tough.


Wed Jul 24 14:34:48 2024 PST
July 2007 - Trying to get the old site back up and somewhat running again... One page at a time.

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Research Projects   (no particular order)
  • Dynamic Tunnels - Virtual VPN
  • Nemesys - A Fourth Generation Operating System
  • Synapse - Adaptive Multi-Layer Neural Networks
  • Tweekie I - University of Reading's first working biped robot
  • Tweekie II - Bipedal Android Research
Open Source    (projects contributed to)
Entertainment    (no particular order)
  • ArchAngel - Java Multi-User 'Elite' clone
  • PowerMix - Realtime Audio Mixing/DJ Tool
  • PowerMOD - MOD player with realtime audio effects (cica 1995-2000)
Interests & Hobbies    (no particular order)
Opinion Essays    (no particular order)
  • My Rant - In a fit of frustration, written on 14 April 1998.
  • One Liners - Some of my one-line quips.
  • Wish List - Some things I want/need...
  • Professionals - My index of professionals and their web sites

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Currently NOT looking for employment
(since April 2012)

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Graduated in 1998
Computer Science & Cybernetics, BSc

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